Try not  be shy around people also don’t let people put you down in the dumps.
Respect people under your age and be a good role model.
Set an example and don’t be a bully.
Just because you don’t have a badge doesn’t mean your not a leader.
Leadership words



A homophone is when there are to words that sounds the same but they are spelt differently they also have a different meaning  example see and sea.


Ad add

By bye

Duel dual

Eye I

Higher hire

Fare fair

Main mane

nail nail

here hear

There their

flower flour

caret carrot

too to

toes tows

Hi high

Sun son

pair pear

sale sail

lie lye

beet beat

no know

spell spell

Light lite

tea tee





What went well,

The cops and robbers game went well because it was lot of fun running around the basketball gym. At snack it was a lot of fun playing basketball with the year 7 because it was a challenge trying to out rebound the year 7. I also played Tiggy at lunch with my friends which was fun. My favourite activity was passport checkpint when you had to get over the border. This was my favourite activity because you had to use teamwork and also I was the first person in my group to get through to the other side.